Misfits- run

I have been chosen! Farewell, my friends. I go on to a better place.

Yes, it has been A LONG EFFING TIME. I'm also shocked by the lack of BSG/Mary in this post. But, you know how it goes. I think these are a little different to what I've posted before, but it took me a bloody while to get back into making icons, and I'm still uber rusty. Anyway, HERE THEY ARE.

11x Misfits Icons (S1+2)
8x The X-Files Icons
4x Dr Who Season 5 Icons
3x Firefly Icons
1x BSG icon
1x Mary McDonnell (in The closer)
1x Toy Story


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tardis → melody pond song

icons that know you're lying

thirty-three icons - lie to me + cast, misc tv (bsg, community, csi, harry potter, leverage) ; ten wallpapers - caprica, fringe, harry potter, lie to me, tim roth

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battlestars → so say we all

icons that like pudding.

forty-nine icons - battlestar galactica, lie to me, due date, harry potter, iron man, star wars, celebs - rdj (+ scarlett johansson), tim roth (+hayley mcfarland, tricia helfer), kelli williams ; nine wallpapers - lie to me, rdj

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tardis → melody pond song

icons that run around in gold titanium alloy suits

forty-four icons - battlestar galactica, fringe, leverage, lost, star trek: the next generation, the x-files, iron man + iron man 2, kiss kiss, bang bang, jonathan frakes and marina sirtis, lady gaga, gates mcfadden, beth riesgraf, katee sackhoff, robert downey jr (ftg gwyneth paltrow) ; six wallpapers - fringe, leverage, iron man, robert downey jr

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tardis → melody pond song

icons that steal things

fifty-four icons - battlestar galactica, star trek: the next generation, 30 rock, the big bang theory, cougar town, glee, leverage, and some threadless t-shirts ; five wallpapers - star trek: tng, katee sackhoff, cougar town

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